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Whoa! This is way out of the Coach's comfort zone.  Modesty is a virtue but not necessarily when someone is asking, “Tell me about you?” So, here goes.


 Husband.  Father.  Pastor. Coach. Executive. Speaker. Entrepreneur.

Education and Experience: 

Coach Steve has (2) Master's Degrees, 30 year career as a Marketing/Engineering Executive for Caterpillar, Inc., Ordained Elder, and Business Entrepreneur.

Professional Life & Business Coaching Credentials: 


Coach Steve is a Board Certified Master Life Coach (BCMLC) credentialed through the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and Board Certified Coach (BCC) through the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE). Offering Professional Coaching since 2011 many Clients have experienced transformative life change impacting their future.


Who Coaches the Coach? These are people and organizations who invest, encourage, challenge, and inspire so Coach Steve continues to grow offering transformational and exciting life changing opportunities for YOU!       


He was born and raised in rural mid-west America, enjoying every aspect of life including wins and traumas such as navigating a family divorce with resiliency. Executed an on-purpose path to higher education, an extraordinary Corporate career, Entrepreneur, and an abundant life. He continues to passionately remain focused on the key essentials of life: 

Faith – Family – Wellness – Investing in People - Generosity to Others.

 Coach Steve enjoys life with His Bride, MaryAnn (1982) including five exceptional children, Chad (Samantha), Shawna (Jay), Kevin (Ashley), Keith (Amber), and Scott (Ashley). We are blessed with (8) Grand Children and (1) Great Grandchild which makes us “Rock Stars” at least according to them.

 The sweet spot for Coach Steve is to share life and business principles with people like you who are eager to experience transformational change to accomplish your dreams and goals. If that sounds like you, then let’s connect!  Click here to schedule a FREE Consultation WITH COACH STEVE. We can meet at one of our locations, via phone, or live from anywhere using the Zoom platform.



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